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Maxen Ryder × 19 × Senior × Oli Sykes × Closed

↳ Shapeshifting

A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him.❞ 

Maxen is actually kind of… Well, weird. It’s not like he means to be weird, but he sort of just is. He spends a lot of his time sitting alone in the back of the class, doodling in his notebook and remaining silent. He rarely speaks up, but that’s probably because he zones out before he can answer a question.

He’s been at Bay View since his freshman year, so he knows the school like the back of his hand. He’s so used to being here, he’s not sure what he’s going to do when he graduates. Maybe he’ll become a teacher’s assistant and help out.

Maxen was home schooled up until he started high school, so he wasn’t really sure how things worked. He got the hang of it pretty quick, though, which was good. Thank god some people weren’t complete assholes and decided to show him around and explain the whole thing to him.

Once he realized what the whole school was about, he wondered if the only reason his mother decided to enroll him was because he needed protection. Sure, he was angry for a little while about it but he got over it pretty quick. He even thanked her, because he knew she did this for him. 

Once he turned sixteen (with his mother’s consent, of course) Maxen got his first tattoo. It was nothing major, but he loved it, because it was something he chose for himself. After that, he just kept getting tattoos. Being nineteen and covered almost head-to-toe in tattoos is pretty great.

So this is Maxen’s last year, and he’s not particularly excited about that. He doesn’t want to leave, doesn’t really want to go home. Don’t get me wrong, he misses his family and everything, but he doesn’t want to lose all the friendships he built up at Bay View, either.

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Jonas Lovell × 27 × English Teacher × Gerard Way × Closed

↳ Mental Projection

❝I think everyone should go crazy at least once in their life. I don’t think you’ve truly lived until you’ve thought about killing yourself.❞ 

Lovell may not be a household name in North America, but head a bit more North East towards Europe and you’ll easily be able to find out about this weird teacher’s ancestry. To make things brief, his parents are two famous artists/writers from Germany. He grew up in Germany and studied there and in France, getting a French literature degree from L’Universite de Paris-Sorbonne and getting an English literature degree at the University of Manchester in England. He planned on doing the exact same thing that his family had been doing for generations now, write, but things just.. came up.

One thing that came up was the fact that he ran out of money. Having all these fancy degrees and such didn’t do much without money or, you know, a place to live. At twenty two years old, he refused to go back to his parents, he had his life under control! Okay, maybe not but he’d never admit that to them, he was a bit too engrossed in himself for that. So he got some crappy job in some crappy coffee place in some crappy part of Paris but hey, it paid the bills, didn’t it?

He tried to write something, he really did but, as stated before, he couldn’t. But one thing he could do was go on and on about what he wanted to write, about his stories and the characters and their universe and everything. And if someone didn’t get it, he could show them— Literally. The one thing about being able to project your every thought right out of your mind. Yes, Jonas had always been aware of his power, from age sixteen and over. He just chose not to do anything about it, it’s not like there was anything to be done, anyway.

Skip two years into the future; he finally has enough money to move out of Paris and back to Germany, has a decent job (even if it’s being someone’s PA, he took it. He was desperate.) and he had about half a novel written. He was alone in his small studio apartment but he had his sister that passed weekly to keep him company anyway. She’d bring him his mail, make sure he wasn’t too far behind on his bills and that he showered regularly, just like the perfect human being that she was. His life was good.

That is, until he got a letter from Bay View Academy. He never such a school existed, for ‘gifted’ kids such as he was. They had a request, one simple request. That he drop everything and come teach at the school. At first, Jonas was completely against it but after much thought and three heated arguments where he’d chattered his own things, he decided that it would be best. He asked for a year to be able to get his teaching degree and he left, taking practically nothing with him.

He’s been teaching at Bay View for three years now. He may not be everyone’s favorite teacher but he is good, there’s no denying it. He’s not conventional, he doesn’t work with freshman or sophomores because… No. They don’t understand as well as he would want them to. He doesn’t really working with Juniors either but he can tolerate them, sort of. He won’t hesitate to throw them out of his class if they’re causing any problems, that’s for damn sure. Along side teaching English, since last year he’s been helping students with the yearbook at their request. He loves it, it brings a smile to his face to help out his students. If there’s one thing to remember about Mr. Lovell is that he’ll act just like your friend unless you give him a reason not to, and then you’ll probably end up out of the class, anyway. 

Hi, so I just discovered your blog, and I love the plot... But I have a problem... I kinda don't understand ... As I realized this isn't like the normal story ... Sorry it's hard to explain... Like where do you write the story... Can you just explain everything to me plese because i quite don't understand anything... -.-

I’m glad you enjoy the plot, love, but I’m afraid I really don’t know what you mean, and that makes me feel like a really bad admin, but um… I could put the plot into simpler terms, maybe? Or if you messaged off anon, we could talk about it? Maybe help you understand everything? I’ll try my best.


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Gerard Lucifer × 18 × Senior × Francisco Lachowski × Closed-OC

↳ Aura Vision

❝Forget the past.❞ 

Ever since Gerard was little he could always see these weird glows around people. He never understood why, he just thought it was normal. He never questioned it, never said anything about it until the glow would twist and turn into a nasty color. Generally when this would happen it’d be after his parents would fight. They argued a lot when he was a kid, it was just something he grew up with.

Gerard never paid much attention to his parents arguing until it really started to affect his mother. He usual orange glow would wither and become a horrible grey and just seem so detached from her. He hated seeing her like that, it was never a color that suited her. After a few years of the constant arguing his mother kicked his father out of the house. It didn’t phase him, he was just finally happy the man was gone.

It seemed that his parents would argue about anything and everything. Plus whenever they did argue, Gerard’s father would verbally abuse his mother. He could always hear the older man spewing nasty curses at her left and right, and it took a toll on his mother’s glow. Even as a teenager he never understood why they argued so much and his father was so hateful towards his mother.

But now with his father gone, things started to change, his mother’s glow started to return, and she started to smile more. Eventually she started dating other men and then came Gerard’s step-father who he adored. There was always something different about his step-father. His glow seemed… brighter. It wasn’t like he was happier than his mother, but as if there was something different about him.

It turned out that one day, his step-father told him he had powers of his own. It had caught Gerard completely off guard. Never once did he tell anyone about his aura seeing ways and never once did he suspect anyone to know. But his step-father just knew, and that was because he had powers too, just like his.

It was then that Gerard learned of Bay View and how his step-father used to go there when he was younger. Then there came the day that he told his mom about his powers. She was confused at first until both of them explained to her what it was like and she then asked what color her glow was. When Gerard told her, she believe him. He didn’t quite understand why since he could’ve been making it up, but she did and she let him go to Bay View.

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