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Aiden Bostwick × 17 × Senior × Harry Styles × Open

↳ Intangibility

❝Maybe everything was meant to be this way.❞ 

Through the world, the name Bostwick is known. At least in the financial world, it is. Maybe in Aiden’s world too, considering him and his brother have quite the unusual set of powers. It’s uncommon to have siblings who have powers but it’s extremely rare to have two children with unique powers such as Aiden and Spencer. Aiden’s knows that, which is the only reason he’s actually here.

Aiden is not quite like his younger brother. He’s not as shy or as ‘cupcake-ish’, as he likes to put it. He’s definitely the type of guy to stand up for himself and for others he cares about, which surprisingly isn’t that many people.

Growing up in Cape Town, he lived a high life. Sure, maybe his family’s reputation had gone down a bit but they were still pretty high up there. From a young age, he was raised to became his father and grand father’s spiting image. He quickly became aware that he didn’t want that at all, but he kept doing it so his father would stop bothering him about it. He didn’t need his father on his case along with his grand father.

He and his younger brother Spencer got along quite well, unlike most of their other siblings. They didn’t argue very often and just were generally very close. So when Spencer admitted to him that he could see and do things, he felt like he needed to protect his younger brother. Of course, when he ran away, his heart shattered. He didn’t blame himself because he just knew, but he blamed his grand father. There was a lot of tension in the house the first few weeks after he was gone, everyone pointing fingers. Aiden just didn’t want to believe it; he just hoped he was okay, wherever he was.

One night, about a year and a half after his brother left, he was hanging out with a few friends, Just some shit hang out at three in the morning because why not. He leaned against a wall and literally fell right through it. No one questioned it (probably because they were wasted) but Aiden did. Finding out more about this strange power, he found out he had intangibility and soon found and contacted Bay View, who seemed more than surprised about him contacting them.

Now, he’s finally at the school that promises he’ll be safe. He lied to his family about where he was going, inventing something about not wanting this life and blah blah blah. Sure, it hurt to say it but in a sense it was true, he didn’t want to have that life given to him, he wanted to be able to make his own choices and mistakes. He’s just happy to be away from there.

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